Genetic Improvement of Software for Multiple Objectives (GISMO)

Humans find it hard to develop systems that balance many competing and contradicting operational objectives. However, emergent computing application paradigms require systems that optimise many different competing and contradicting objectives such as size, response time, throughput and consumption of resources. Programmers cannot be expected to optimally balance all of these multiple competing constraints and may miss potentially valuable solutions. Techniques are therefore required that can either automatically create code that balances many contradicting objectives or that can provide support to the human who tries to do so. The GISMO project seeks to do both.

Official project webpage.

Principal Investigator

Prof Mark Harman


  • Dr William Langdon


  • INRIA, France
  • Simula, Norway
  • IBM, UK
  • Motorola Labs UK
  • nVidia, USA


This project is funded by the EPSRC. UCL is the lead partner.

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