The 5th CREST Open Workshop

Using Information Theoretic Measures in Search Based Software Engineering



Wednesday, 31 March 2010



CREST Centre, King's College London



Statistical Measurement of Information Leakage
Tom Chothia, University of Birmingham, UK



Programme and Downloadable Resources:

Talks will be 25 minutes allowing 15 minutes for discussion and questions.

12:15    Arrival and Sandwich Lunch

13:00    Welcome to CREST Open Workshop              

               David Clark, CREST Centre, SSE Group, Department of Computer Science, UCL

13:15    Keynote: Statistical Measurement of Information Leakage (Slides: 1, Videos:123)            

              Tom Chothia, University of Birmingham

14:15    Discussion

14:30    The Applicability of Information Theory Concepts in Software Engineering (Slides: 1, Videos:12)

               Richard Torkar, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

15:00    Discussion

15:15    Refreshments

15:45    Program Analysis for Quantified Information Flow (Slides: 1)

              Chunyan Mu, CREST Centre, SSE Group, Department of Computer Science, UCL

16:20    Search Based Software Engineering (Slides: 1, Videos:12)

               Mark Harman, CREST Centre, SSE Group, Department of Computer Science, UCL

16:55    Information Theory in Software Metrics (Slides: 1, Videos:1)

              Steve Counsell, Brunel University

17:30    Discussion

18:00    Close


Registered Attendees: (Registration is closed.)

  1. Nadia Alshahwan CREST Centre , UK
  2. Khalid Alzarouni CREST Centre , UK
  3. Kelly Androutsopoulos CREST Centre , UK
  4. Tom Chothia University of Birmingham , UK
  5. David Clark CREST Centre , UK
  6. Steve Counsell Brunel University , UK
  7. Nicolas Gold CREST Centre , UK
  8. Mark Harman CREST Centre , UK
  9. Youssef Hassoun CREST Centre , UK
  10. Rob Hierons Brunel University , UK
  11. John Howroyd Tadley , UK
  12. Yue Jia CREST Centre , UK
  13. Derek M. Jones Knowledge Software Ltd , UK
  14. Jens Krinke CREST Centre , UK
  15. Chunyan Mu CREST Centre , UK
  16. Jungsup (James) Oh CREST Centre , UK
  17. Temitope Jos Onunkun CREST Centre , UK
  18. Richard Overill King's College London , UK
  19. Simon Poulding University of York , UK
  20. Jian Ren CREST Centre , UK
  21. Daniel Rodríguez University of Alcalá , Spain
  22. Jeremy Singer University of Manchester , UK
  23. Adel Taweel King's College London , UK
  24. Richard Torkar Blekinge Institute of Technology , Sweden
  25. Akadej Udomchaiporn CREST Centre , UK
  26. Yuanyuan Zhang CREST Centre , UK
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