Register for a COW

Free Registration but Penalty for NON-attendance (FRPNA):

Through the kind support of the EPSRC in the form of a platform grant, we have funding to support the workshops, so registration is free. However, please appreciate that numbers are limited and catering needs to be booked in advance, so registration followed by non-attendance will cause difficulties. For this reason, though the workshop is entirely free of charge, there will be a cancellation fee of £100 for those who register but subsequently fail to attend.

Participants can register for a COW by sending an email to Registration-COW. Please enclose the following information in your email*:

  1. The title of the COW you are registering:
  2. Name:
  3. Affiliation**:
  4. Personal or organisational web page URL:
  5. Postal Address:
  6. Do you agree on the terms of FRPNA:
  7. Any dietary requirements or allergies:


*Spaces for COWs are limited. When registering for a COW we recommend holding off on travel and accommodation bookings until you receive the confirmation of registration from the workshop organiser, to avoid disappointment.


** Policy on Student Registrations

We welcome registrations from PhD students, where the student is pursuing a programme of research for which the COW will provide intellectual benefit and/or from whom the workshop and its other attendees will gain benefit. We do not normally expect to register students other than those on PhD level programmes of study. For example, those students taking a course at the equivalent of UK masters or bachelors level would not, ordinarily, be considered eligible to register for COW. However, we are willing to consider exceptional cases, where a masters or bachelors student has a clear contribution to make to the topic of the COW. In all cases, students must have the approval of their supervisor/advisor for their attendance at the COW and his or her consent to the terms of registration. This is why we ask that students seeking to register for a COW also supply the contact details of their supervisor.

This page was last modified on 25 Sep 2017.