The FITTEST Testing Tool Suite consists of proprietary tool and open source tools. The open source tools code can be downloaded from GoogleCode, the other proprtietary tools will be linked to the web of the owning company.

The FITTEST Testing Tool Suite consists of tools for:

  • Continuous Testing - The FITTEST Integrated Testing Environment (ITE)
  • Regression Testing - The Change Sensitivity Test Prioritization (CSTP)
  • Graphical User Interface Testing - The Rogue User Testing tool (RU)
  • Combinatorial Testing - (The CTE Profesional of B&M, CTD/Focus of IBM, and HHSA of UCL)
  • Concurrency Testing - Contest of IBM

FITTEST Open Documents

Date Details
June 2013 FITTEST panel slides @ CAISE 2013
January 2014 FITTEST Wiki documents UML Testing Profile

The Modelio UML Testing Profile module implements an U2TP extension. The UML Testing Profile (U2TP) is an OMG standard, defined as an extension of the UML language for modeling software tests. The Modelio U2TP module supports software tests modeling. It provides the test designer with dedicated commands and graphics to assist in the specification of test systems. The Modelio U2TP module is based on the analysis of the UML Testing Profile specification version 1.0 from 05.07.07. It implements the U2TP extension to UML specification and is developed for the Modelio 2.x open source MDE workbench. To use the profile you need at least:

  • Modelio 2, downloadable from
  • The file UTP_x.yy.zz.jmdac, available in one of the UTP bundles which can be downloaded from here