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Distinguished Lecture by Professor Mark Harman: 'The Joys and Frustrations of Software Engineering' 2nd July 2019

26 April, 2019




In this talk I will discuss research and deployment work on source code analysis, testing and SBSE, which I have undertaken with many wonderful collaborators, colleagues and friends; my personal view on the joys of scientific research and the excitement of deployment, but also the frustrations of both. I think frustration is important and needs to be acknowledged, because it often leads to further insights and development and is, thereby, the root cause of future joys. I will allow plenty of time for questions and discussion. This talk is a version of the award plenary talk given at ICSE 2019.

Following the lecture, please join us for a drinks reception in the Jeremy Bentham Room, Wilkins Building to celebrate Mark being awarded the IEEE CS Harlan Mills award 2019.

Date And Time:
Tue, 2 July 2019
17:30 – 21:00 BST

University College London
G06, Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture, Roberts Building
Gower Street


For more information and to register for tickets please click here


Dr Earl Barr most influential paper award

03 April, 2019

Dr Earl Barr's paper, The Promises and Perils of Mining Git has been selected for the MSR 2019 Most Influential Paper Award, “For foundational contributions to the understanding of how to perform software mining using Git repositories, enabling a decade of Git repository research across the software engineering community.” The award will be given during MSR 2019 in Montreal, Canada.
Congratulations Earl!


IEEE CS Harlan Mills award 2019 awarded to Professor Mark Harman

03 January, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that the IEEE CS Harlan Mills award 2019 has been awarded to Professor Mark Harman for fundamental contributions throughout software engineering, including seminal contributions in establishing search-based software engineering, reigniting research in slicing and testing, and founding genetic improvement.

You can read an interview with Mark here

Congratulations Mark!


6 Years since the launch of DAASE

19 October, 2018

This week marks 6 years since the launch of the EPSRC programme grant: DAASE (Dynamic Adaptive Automated Software Engineering). Here are some pictures of the team from over the years!






Dr Federica Sarro - article and interview

30 April, 2018

Dr Federica Sarro has been featured in the Italian newspaper “Il Mattino" as the youngest woman Associate Professor in Computer Science and interviewed by a national radio station too. 

Please click here to read and listen.


Dr Federica Sarro - Senior Lecturer

02 August, 2017

Many congratulations to Dr Federica Sarro as she is appointed as Senior Lecturer in the Software Systems Engineering group.


Mark Harman wins silver at 2017 Human-Competitive Awards @ GECCO conference

26 July, 2017

Mark Harman has been awarded the silver prize at the Human-Competitive Awards held at GECCO for his paper Human Competitiveness of Genetic Programming in Spectrum Based Fault Localisation: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis by Shin Yoo, Xiaoyuan Xie, Fei-ching Kuo, Tsong Yueh Chen and Mark Harman


Celebration lunch for Dr Justyna Petke

18 July, 2017

CREST members took Dr Justyna Petke to lunch to celebrate and congratulate her on 50 citations of her paper 'Search based software engineering for software product line engineering: a survey and directions for future work'


Dr David R. White in Nature

12 April, 2017

Dr David R. White has been quoted in an article on single-board computers in Nature the international weekly journal of science.

You can read the article here:


Early Career Fellowship for Dr Justyna Petke

28 February, 2017

Congratulations to Dr Justyna Petke who has been awarded an EPSRC Early Career Fellowship to advance her pioneering research on genetic improvement of software systems.


Bug-finding MaJiCKe finds a home at Facebook

19 January, 2017

The CREST team behind spinout software testing technology MaJiCKe are moving on to work with Facebook in London. The technology uses the academic field of Search Based Software Engineering to remove ‘much of the drudgery’ of testing software, while still finding bugs.

The company’s three co-founders are Prof Mark Harman (Scientific Advisor), Dr Yue Jia (CEO), and Ke Mao (CTO).

You can read more about the project here.


Most updates to mobile apps don’t make a noticeable difference

17 November, 2016

Research by William Martin, Dr Federica Sarro and Prof Mark Harman finds that most updates to mobile apps don’t make a noticeable difference. To read more please click here.

The research paper is available here.


Best paper award at SSBSE 2016

17 October, 2016

Congratulations to Fan Wu for winning best research paper award at SSBSE 2016 which was held in Raleigh North Carolina, USA. His paper HOMI: Searching Higher Order Mutants For Software Improvement was written with Mark Harman, Yue Jia and Jens Krinke.


CREST success at GECCO Human Competitive Awards (HUMIES)

26 July, 2016

Many congratulations to Alex Marginean who received gold for his work on Automated Transplantation, with Earl Barr, Justyna Petke, Yue Jia and Mark Harman. And Federica Sarro picked up the Bronze for her work on Multi Objective Effort Estimation with Alessio Petrezziello and Mark Harman.


This work is funded by the EPSRC DAASE Programme Grant on Dynamic Adaptive Automated Software Engineering and UCL Department of Computer Science.


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