Other visits and collaborations between CREST and Chinese institutions

We have had many other visits from excellent Chinese scholars, at all stages of their career development, from PhD student through to full professor.

Dr. Hui Liu, an associate professor at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT, aka LiGong) was a visiting research fellow in CREST in 2013 (funded by CSC).

This visit was arranged at a previous visit by Prof. Harman and Dr. Jia to LiGong in July 2002.

Following Prof. Harman's 2008 visit to BeiHua, Prof. RuiLian Zhao, a full professor at BeiHua, spent a a year in UCL CREST, funded by CSC, working on state based testing. This led to a paper in Search Based Testing which has attracted a number of citations. 

Yibiao Yang, a PhD student at Nanjing University visited UCL CREST in 2013, funded by CSC, to work on source code analysis with Prof. Harman, Dr Krinke and Dr. Islam. This work is on-going.

Members of CREST have also visited several Chinese institutions to give talks and discuss collaboration.

For example, Professor Harman, Dr. Jia and others visited BeiHua (BUCT) and BeiHua (Peking University) in 2008 and 2012 and also LiGong (BIT), TsingHua and ISCAS in 2012, while Dr. Clark visited and gave courses at BeiHua in 2014.

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