A visit to CREST can be a career enhancing opportunity

As well as providing excellent opportunities for collaboration and publication at the highest international levels, the periods spent in the CREST Centre offer our visitors chances to develop their contacts and connections within the wider research and practitioner community. 

This career development aspect of visits is something we seek to support and nurture and we believe is highly beneficial to our visitors.

For example, ChangHai Nie, visited CREST from Nanjing University for one year, funded by CSC. When he arrived he was an associate professor. Soon after his return he was promoted to full professor.

Zheng Li initially visited for a one-year, CSC funded scholarship, after which he started a PhD programme, under supervision of Prof. Harman and Dr. Gold in CREST, funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and CREST itself. After graduating with a PhD in 2009, he remained in the centre as a postdoctoral research fellow, also funded by the EPSRC. 

Three years later, in 2011 he returned to BeiHua as a full professor, where he now leads an excellent software engineering group, focusing on model driven development and search based software engineering.

This page was last modified on 22 Jul 2014.