Grow and Graft Genetic Programming (GGGP)

Grow and Graft Genetic Programming (GGGP)

Adding new functionality to an existing, large, and perhaps poorly-understood system is a challenge. Despite much progress in software development environments, programming still includes many human activities that are unproductive and tedious. We propose a new vision of software development: Grow and Graft Genetic Programming (GGGP), in which a new feature is grown using genetic programming and subsequently grafted into an existing system. This approach aims to reduce the amount of effort required by human programmer in order to develop and add new functionality into an existing system. We want to ?nd a radically new approach to software development, supported by automated search, that we believe will yield a dramatic reduction in development time. 

Principle Investigator 

David Clark


Bill Langdon


This project is funded by the EPSRC

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